October 31st, 2005

windows xp autumn

"YO,,,yes you! TRICK or TREAT ...dude...now, where's my candy?"

what a day. vacumed the front lawn, hauled the lawnmower back downstairs, and started the charger.( its an electric starting mower). Got a visitor who brough a huge box of donuts. ( now I need sweets like a dog needs another flea!) Sat B.s.ing with him and another dude, and here I be.
all I need to do is 1. take a bath and wash the dust off.
2.vacume the carpet. 3. take another bath because I should have waited till after I vacumed to take a bath. ( stupid!!!!)
4. decide what to watch on the tv.

I think Blood, the last vampire is just my cup of tea. Gads, thats one good anime!

now, go get scared....

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