August 23rd, 2005


"Robert Moog- one of my hero's, passed away"

I remember the first time I hear a Moog Synthesizer, I think it was on the "Switched on Back" album, and it blew me away. I had never heard such musical tectures before and it was like hearing new sounds for the first time. It was.
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    a silent keyboard...

"I have just concluded that there are more ass's on this planet ...

than there are people! When I get finished writing this, I'm going to look into a mirror and see if I can see the word sucker on my head! Wow, I just had a "Friend" ask me to duplicate 4 music cd's. these are for his friends. I mentioned that copyrighted material is just that. if you want "A" copy thats one thing. Special music I do make a copy of, just incase the stupid thing should break or crack. ( that is easier than you'd think!) Well, he didn't just didn't want "a Copy", he wanted 4 copies of each one-20 cds. Not to worry, he told his pal it would cost $1.50 each. blink..scratches head in amazement.
lets see, I spend about 6 hours to do this nonsense, then use my dual layer DVD burner to make the copies, but don't worry. I'll be reimbursed $1.50.

Help...somebody come and take me away from these idiots!!!
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    The sound of a rusted gundam walking around