August 11th, 2005


"Great, just great..... a new girlfriend for me??"

I just discovered through chit chat, that one of my neighbors thinks I'm moving in on his girlfriend. Ok. I guess. What I find amazing is that I'm not really interested in dating right now, due to me being broke. ( Honey, lets go out tonight and the traffic go by??? or the birds nest in the trees?)
I suppose we could go dancing on the sidewalk while sipping water????
But it does feel good to hear that another male thinks I'm moving in on his date. I would never do that cause that is game playing and the only games I play are either on this computer or the gym! Not with other people. Adults have forgotten how to have fun when playing games. Now they develop artificial goals that have nothing to do with "FUN".
Now I'm off my soap box before I ever get on it.

New Icons are coming. I just have to put and pull on my thinking cap...
piccolo, where are you when I need you...
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