June 26th, 2005

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Paul Winchell R.I.P. The voice of Tigger is silenced.

Now thats a really sad thing to wake up to. The name rings so many bells with me, I just had to read the obit. Our Tigger's voice is quiet. You know, I kind of thought some of these voice actors would simply go on forever.
Thank you Mr.Winchell. You did an excellent job of making millions of people giggle with delight at Tigger's antics.
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"A perfect ending to an Anime" for Saiyuki_Goku

Saiyuki_Goku replied to my posting about "Bubblegum Crisis" not having the clearest ending it could have had ( or something like that...its been a few days since that post), Saiyuki_Goku said,

"Can you think of anime ending that was perfect(in your eyes)? One that didn't either leave you hanging, kill off someone you loved, end but not completely explain something they have no intention of explaining..ever, or was an anticlimatic letdown. I think R.O.D is prolly the best ending that had me satisfied."

First off, if you don't want to read about various animes' endings, don't read below this line.

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I just watched the whole of "Bubblegum Crisis 2040", and I really like it. But it does take a while to warm up to these characters. You might give it another try. I may watch "Bubblegum Crisis 2032" just to see what the difference is.
Time to rest these fingers.
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