May 29th, 2005

Big O anim

Just when you feel its safe to go shoping for software.....

Adobe goes and buys Macromedia??? Oh great. Another high price spread, just got to go higher! sigh. I'm designing several sites right now and really wanted to use the Macromedia suite. But, somehow I think that plans a wash right now.
Well, it a beautiful Sunday, light fluffy clouds, a nice cold breeze, and temps in the mid 60. "What, am I the weather man?" Nope,just thinking about the cable tv people who are coming this Thursday. You see, all of the trees around here grew, so to speak, and I've lost about 80% of my DirecTV signal. No more Cartoon Network, no more History channel or the Discovery channel. So, short of trimming oodles of trees in 5 neighbor's yards, I signed up for land based cable tv. yuck! there goes my pure digital signal. You don't think that makes a difference? Try and record the same show from Directv onto a vhs and then record it right off the air.
oh well..beggars can't be choosers. or can they?
I may copy that letter from Calvin college later today. Very interesting reading not to mention a wonderful attitude to have these days!

hope you all have a peaceful Memorial Day.
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