January 11th, 2005


Has anybody heard anything from Whoose??

I'm begining to worry. I haven't spent the time I normally would during a holiday on LJ, but then, things haven't been settled around here either.
Meet the new boy. Thats Odies photo up there. He's my 12 going on 13 year old Samoyed. Wow, is this guy great or what. He almost pulled me over when we took a walk last weekend. He's one strong pooch.
He loves to sing to ringing telephones, singing ( his opinion)to the squirrel family and loves to try and get Scooter, the grey kitten. Yup. Collapse )

I hope someone out there has heard from the Whoose. I miss him.

I also, just to change the subject, just received my belated Christmas present from me to me. ( why do people ask you what you want for Christmas only to totally abandon your list for whatever they had in mind?)
Endless Waltz and Big O, series I. My brother got for me, "Ghost in the shell", the original movie. yeahs....
ok, back to the deep freeze.
oh, in the next posting, I'm putting my own picture up.
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