December 14th, 2004


"My BIrthday and other days that suck....."

Well, I've been away, cause I'm not very good company right now. Where shall I begin? Collapse )

But today, I was woke up by Santa Claus's wife. Seems they have this 5 year old Samoyed female dog, that some idiot is going to put to sleep, cause, "I dont want it anymore". So I said, sure. I'll try it out. I say try it out, cause you never know if these things are going to work out or not.
oh, why this is so special, is that to close out my Birthday , I spread my last samoyeds ashes over the backyard that he liked so much. Its taken me from April to now to be able to do that.
Birthday gift? I ordered Evangelion Neon, the complete set, for $39.95 from The Rightstuf. Its on sale.
Things have a way of working out.
and thank you all who here, on LiveJournal, wished me a Happy Birthday. You were the only ones who did.
( ok, my neighbor lady got me a spoodgebob square pants memo note taker for the refer....)
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