October 28th, 2004

green plumkin

" of dogs, cats, kittens and Dr.s ....."

Well, got back from the 3rd year resident physician: He wants to aggressively treat my high blood pressure with cholesterol medicine and diuretic. ok..I think he thinks we'll reduce all these factors within 2 weeks. oh boy...
oh, the medicine cost me $173.00. yeahss....
My friends Rothwilder was a lot sicker than we knew. seems she wanted to stay outside last Friday evening instead of coming indoors. So now she's buried along side her brother pooch.
Now, on to the kats. I washed the army blanket and put it in the rocking chair. The kats like to use the chair as a bed. Its cute to see one mommy cat, two kittens all snuggled in the chair. But, the kittens are so skiddist. Somebody or something has scared them good. We're feeding them and trying to get them to go inside our house. Winter is coming and they'll need a place to live inside. This is good, considering I'm allergic to cats! That started this past July, but what the hell.. The kats have my attention right now.
and the squirrels and raccoons and posums and all the other critters. I guess I should go out and get another rescue samoyed, huh......
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Woot....You made it, now to celebrate with the Tater and watch whatever you want to watch,,CAUSE, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY DUDE!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to the Lurkerdrome

Happy Birthday to you.....

( I actually sang a song to a dude!!!!)
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