October 24th, 2004

windows xp autumn

"Look what Badkitty 1782 made for me!"

I am not worthy.....This is a cute photo of a Samoyed pup. My first Sammy was called Pippin. I had that wonderful critter for 12 years, till she passed away back in 1997. It was that dog that started me in providing a "Forever Home" for samoyed pooches. I do think one should repay one for the goodness one finds in their life. But today was a sad day to... Collapse )

So I got this nice surprise from Badkitty1782 ( she's really nice, not bad at all!) and then the other news..
Well, I'm closing this computer down now. We're having a thunderstorm right now????WTF???? all week we couldn't get past 41 degrees an now....
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