August 29th, 2004


"67degrees....on August 29th???"

Well, that is certainly special. It should be about 80 plus degrees outside, but we're having an early taste of fall??
Hey, 2 months, and about 1 week and we get to vote and end this stupid election nonsense! Gads, I'm so tired of being hand fed this bs...But, at least, its been a very productive summer. New Roof, chimney a roll off trash bin so we could throw away all of my college and high school treasure....ah...a whole period of my life is now laying in a trash heap...Wait a minute, it was piled down in my basement in a heap, so maybe this is an improvement?
Now back to your regularly scheduled program, almost in progress
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"Attention the Lurker......."

Screw them and the horse they rode in on...

But I'm sure the Tater will let you know whats really important...

As far as leaving usernet groups......
I think most have turned ....into something????
I can't find the right word, but it is sad.
AFD used to be so interesting, and fun and mostly, informative!
Now look.....Now I'm getting depressed....
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Dog ears1anim

"I'm on a roll....."

Remember last fall, when I was bitching about how my Microsoft trackball died...for the third time. Well, MS replace as they said they would and I started using it this last March.. Guess what died this past Friday night!!!
$49.95 for a trackball is a little high, but having THEM fail at the rate of every 4 months is'nt acceptable. Darn it..I like them so much too.....oh well. I'll try a Logictech trackball. I can still have MS replace this trackball, but why.....
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