August 12th, 2004

Geneshalf all anim

Well, that was about 2 days shot to hell....

Good gosh, I feel like I should be putting melting salt on the steps. It was only 59 degrees today, and that was the high! Tonight, I'm listening for the old furnace to kick on.
In other notable events: I had a little squabble with a certain unnamed anime store, which pissed me off good. Maybe I'll tell-all later. Gurdy, the hound from hell, left. and I really miss the old gal. Tomorrow I'll be calling our old vet and schedule an appointment for the pooch. I think she has arthritis really bad. yuck. She kind of grew on me......
Well, better get to sleep. The roofers are finally going to show up tomorrow. yeahs....theres $4500.00 down the drain...
Do you have any idea how many animes you can buy with that much money????
what a waste....
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Geneshalf all anim

"Ah..the sound of pounding, shingles being ripped off..."

Makes your blood curl, doesn't it.... Well, the roof really needs it and gosh, I can't do that kind of work anymore and .....theres no way I could do it under 2 days!.
Today, I get to write yet another article for a newsletter, write a note to apologize to a customer repre. Yes, if I blow up, I do apologize, even if it was ok for me to blow up. ( customer repres do not make policy, but just try and contact the folks who do. ha!)
Did I say it is C.O.L.D. over here today? 59 degrees at 1PM.
This is the screwiest weather I think I've ever seen. My two butternut trees seem to be out of syn for some reason, and all my backyard critters are stressed too....
more later.
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"It turned out okay, dokay!"

Not the roof, they're going to town. I mean the recording of my animes' theme music to cd. What a pain. First I use the VCR to play the show back, using only the audios' HI FI system. Then, well, nuts...Collapse )

Next up.....convert all of my LP albums to CD. Now this could be a huge mistake if not done right.
ok, now back to your regularly schedule program.
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