August 2nd, 2004

Geneshalf all anim

"All these poor cats...."

Gads, I am so sick of seeing these stray cats coming here to drink and eat. What the hell is the matter with folks who get animals and then hold the door open when they're tired of them? I think the stray grey dude is sick. My bro said he had a scratch on his nose and liked to hang around here. Mainly cause I'll scare away any meanies.... The Ratcoon was eating. Boy do they ever make a mess and later today, we get to have gerdy back, the rothw. yeahs....Boy is she ever going to like the air conditioning...
I'm tired. nighty night.
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    "I'm a little Tea Pot" Ozzy Osborn
Geneshalf all anim

"ah...the smell of a huge storm....."

Yes, lightening,,wind blowing everything over the lawn and now the rain is about to pour..yes....I've completely lost my mind....I'm voting republican this year....
now I know I'm crazy...
Oh, I'm doing icons today and trying to get fancy with the animator. what a lot of work!
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