July 16th, 2004

Boys be boys

I hate computers!

There, I've said it! #$#@%. Now I'm starting to feel better. That replacement Hard Drive is slow as mud, the Hard Drive LED doesn't light, and it isn't working right. Good google. I really need to be able to trust this stupid thing. I've got all those audio files, 15 gigs worth of photos and data coming out of my wazoo....
give me an abacus any day. So now I wait and see what Western Digital has to say. They're pretty good.

I did have good news today. I got my "Wolfs Rain" limited edition DVD with Keba pushie. Yeahs. Now I can play with my Spongebob square pants action figure, "Patrick" and Keba. wow.
eat your heart out!!!!

( i need a life.....)
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"decision time...."

Should I learn to spell or what???
No, thats not it. I have to make a decision on how to deal with this computer mess. gads.......
Flip a coin???
cut a deck of cards??

I saved a bugs life today. One got trapped inside our front porch, Me, ( who is secretly attempting to earn his good merit badge for saving bugs life's) got a coffee mug out and trapped him and let him/her fly away.

Should I run for president or what??
ok, I'll quit being silly and make a decision.
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