June 6th, 2004

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I got through this day......I mowed her lawn

Kind of difficult day. I woke up to see my neighbors celebrating their 17 year old daughter high school graduation. I swear, there must have been over 40 people there at one time. Balloons, catered in food and firecrackers. Then I looked over at my neighbors lawn, the lady who just passed away last Tuesday. Her oldest daughter, one of the nice ones, asked if my bro and me would keep the property up.Collapse ) So I thought, as I finished mowing her lawn, I need to do a good deed or something like that. So I did. Tonight. Now I feel a little better. Tomorrow, if the stupid SEARS and ROEBUCK lawn mower's grass catcher doesn't fall off, my bro will mow our rear lawn.
Happy Birthday, about 4 months early....
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