May 30th, 2004


" its working!!!!"

I did it. I think. I got tired of buying bigger and bigger clothes, so I started a lifestyle change about 2 weeks ago. Its working. Unfortunately, Collapse )
Andrew, the stray cat, is upstairs laying cozily in his own bed. the very nerve!! not even our cat. But, its nice to have a new animal around.

Wow, I just read where "SWIFFER WETJET" , a device to clean floors, contributed to the death of a dog. Seems the chemicals they're using is very close to anti-freeze. Be very carefully when using this. It seems that the dog walked across the kitchen floor, and then licked his paws: that action got the chemicals that he had picked up into his body.
Lesson to be learned: Read the warnings...
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"SWIFFER WETJET" This was nothing but a nasty rumor.

I guess somebody doesn't like proctor and gambles very much. The alleged dog dying was a nasty rumor, and it seems to be spreading like wild fire on the animal rescue lists.
Thanks to Bunnnnnnnny for setting me straight.
The moral for this story: always read the instructions, they are there for a purpose.

Now, back to watching it rain and rain and rain....and the temperature is dropping like a brick..Say, did we already have summer and I was, like, out or something?
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    pitter patter of rain hitting the roof and windows. oh boy.