February 7th, 2004

windows xp autumn

Now what....

So, as he scratches his head in total wonderment, how should he deal with the Almost totally toasting my computer thing? The idea of losing all of my data, graphics and other stuff is just overwhelming. you see, I've had that happen before. Not a nice thing at all. Collapse )

Oh well, time will tell. I'm tired. I wish I could take a lay down. but not me. I'll be dragging my you-know-what all day. Drats......
oh, cool movie to watch..."Underworld". its ok.
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    "Why don't we do it in the Road" The Beatles
windows xp autumn

Saturday night fever.....ok, not exactly, but...

I attended my friends dinner at a buffet. Wow, potatos you can dish out with an ice cream scoop. Chicken that was fresh, last Saturday!!!!
But, hey, it was good and we had a extremely efficient waitress who was from Korea. Collapse )
SO, everything went swimmingly this evening.
I hope all of you had just as swell a time.
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    "Have Faith" Ozzy Osborn sings the best of Amy Grant