February 4th, 2004

windows xp autumn

"Well gosh, Now I really am broke..."

Boy, I've never seen so many folks hurting for money. It's like all the monthly bills just increased way beyond the average persons ability to keep up. My neighbor, the one with the 6 kids? Collapse )
So, this second month is starting out broke. But, otherwise, I haven't had any sore throats yet this season. Yeahs.....
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windows xp autumn

"Hey, it blue Monday.....on Wednesday.."

Boy, my pooch scared me real good last night. He developed a sort of seizure(?), which caused his head to jerk back and forth side to side. Not really forceful, but gentle like. I called the vet and seemed really interested. I simply petted him and it went away?
Gosh darn critters. I'm waiting to hear from the vet now.
If things can go wrong, they will. Well, that applies to a lot of stuff around here today. But, nothing devastating. I'll be glad when night comes and I can watch the rest of Cyber City Oedo(?). ok, back to work?
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