January 29th, 2004

windows xp autumn

"Yeahs. this must be some left overs from Otana's Birthday party"

Wow, this is so cool. Snow all over the place, deep, with ice under it. Man, I wish I had a car to drive right about now. We helped our neighbor get her car un-stuck: she's a 3rd grade teacher and she was going to take her big sister to Disney on ice.Wait one minute. I got that all wrong. She's the big sister. She wanted to take her friend out. What a night too. We even had her neighbors 2 girls helping us. Man oh how I wish I had a car.
Well, I've started picking out new icons. I'm looking through my collection of movies and LJ icon collection: it numbers well ove 9000!. You folks certainly are creative.
So, now I'm off to watch a nice anime. I hope.
I still want to see Perfect Blue. some day...
oh, got my McAfee's virus version 9 today. kind of neat: I don't see all those pop ups telling me about stopped e-mail. maybe thats good.
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