December 6th, 2003


It seems to be the stupid DVD player????

Good gosh Miss Molly! I let me friend take my "Perfect Blue" birthday DVD home and it worked!! Ok, so heres the riddle, what does a $1.96 computer DVD player have, that a $129.95 Toshiba DVD player doesnt??
What, I have to take this DVD to a store and check out each DVD player to see if it will work or not? Hey, now thats not a bad idea..
on the Christmass Shopping is never through dept. My buddy said he would like an external memmory stick thing, so he can take his data with him. Thats nice, but the computer he's using right now is a old 486DX66. I don't think you can put a USB 2.0 port on it. or can you?
more later, my throat is sore from yelling at the dog.
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