November 9th, 2003

windows xp autumn

Man, its way too early to be this cold.....18'..buuuurrrr

Man, I don't know whats with this crazy weather. First, 69 and even 72 degrees in late October. Now 18 degrees this morning. Make your mind up,please....
I can just imagine what my gas bill is going to be next month. There goes my DVD recorder for my PC. Best Buy has a couple of DVD recorders for under $170.00. Maybe these are just right for me to backup all my computer data files and other non-sense files? But no...not me...I have to pay for extra gas use, cause we get a early blast from the northern part of Canada.
And now, my $54.95 Microsoft mouse is dying..Again...YET! Man, this is growing old real fast. This is the second trackball from Microsoft within the year! The first one died early this spring and Microsoft replaced it for free...By Federal Express no less. But gosh, if they only last 8 months or so.
So, I just ordered a IBM trackball. I'll give that a try. I still have my logitech to fall back on. Maybe I should stick with Logicaltech?
Oh, the food dish I'm using for my icon? its the 2nd of three yummy looking dishes they deliever. yum..
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