October 25th, 2003


I almost hate processor....almost ,....welll ok, I'm strenchting that a bit...

. but she mentioned "Pitch Black", and for the love of everything, I can't get that movie out of my head now. Thanks alot. I suppose I'm lucky, I mean, she could be into
"Pee Wee's big Top". LOL.. Just have to poke a little fun, otherwise the #$@> builds up way too fast.
Yeah, after I write this, I'm going to actually watch "Pitch Black". Vin does kind of grow on you. I just wish Hollywood would leave him alone and let Tim Burton discover him. Wow, just think of the imprecations........
Daylight Savings time....Yahoo....I get to see 2:00AM twice tomorrow. REMEMBER TO TURN YOU CLOCKS BACK ONE WHOLE HOUR. yeah...... oh, we've got S.N.O.W.in the weather forecast for Monday. I'm dreaming of a white.......
nuts. Hey, enjoy.
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