September 22nd, 2003

windows xp autumn

It finally arrived!!!!!! yes!!!

No, not my complete Dragonball DVD collection. ( I wish...)
At 12:19PM, September 22,2003, I received my 100th e-mail with the W21/Swen@MM virus attached! Now, its over 100, but hey, who's counting! and all of this, just since Friday afternoon, September 19th! now this is what I call skill....
But gratefully, McAfee's virus program caught everyone of the buggers. This was a serious weekend, it would seem.
I also went over to and downloaded the port 5000 stealth protection thingie. You can check your "puter" out to see how protected it actually is. Yes, GRC's site was attacked not long ago, they don't seem to like him much.
I they make condoms for modems????
What madness.....
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