September 8th, 2003

windows xp autumn

Presto: A club is born..

After 3 months of ponding on if I should or shouldn't, I decided , " Hey, what the hey" and went ahead and completed the paper work to set up a new club. man, I can't believe how much work there is involved. And now, I have to get two other items, from different government agencies, Yeah!!! Give me some more paper work. Please......
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windows xp autumn

Started the week out swell......I missed the prez's talk.

Yeah! Now maybe I can concentrate on coming up with a lesson plan for the remaining 2 weeks of classes. No, this isn't public school, it's On-The-Air Morse Code lessons. I already discovered 1. I can't count. 2. I'm expecting "WAY" too much from my students, who are not even countable! 3. I wish I knew how many people were actually using this.
It's destroying my VHF radio by heating up. Not to mention my investment in this. 3 times a week, and twice each day. yuck....
but, I can see the end in sight. Yeah.....
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