August 30th, 2003


Yeah..the 64 bit machines are here....

YES!!!! AMD just released their 64 bit processor. yippee. and its only $191.95. Asus motherboard $240.00, not too bad. But not one software title out there. Waiting.......
Maybe I'll put that stupid pentium III 450 dual machine back together?
well, I said maybe I would.
enjoy the 3 day weekend.
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Saturday night... another quiet night

I'm just pondering lifes little problems..Collapse ) But, if I do, then, I'll be one happy camper. I really do miss Wolfenstein and that brother game, whose name I can't recall right now. ah.....
Saturday night.
Oh, I gave away my flcl icon. Somebody told me they loved it.....I'm a sucker for such things.
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    "I Love the dead" Amy Grant sings the best of Alice Cooper