August 17th, 2003


ah,, it got cool and way less humid....

I can actually enjoy this kind of weather. I woke up early, and mowed my neighbors lawn. She's 72 years old, and actually survived LUNG CANCER! yes, I'll mow her lawn and anything else she wants. I lost my mom to lung cancer as well as mom's 2 other high school buddies. ( class of 1933).
I'm still holding back on getting the DVD player. I know, I'm acting like a whimp here. But still, 90 days for both warranty and parts and labor???? We're talking about machines that cost anywhere from $49.95 to $599.95. But, if I want to watch any decent anime, its going to be on DVD. so nuts. here I go. Whats money. oh, I remember, its green and dirties your hands, but everybody needs/wants it.
funny, money. You would have thought food would have been more of a bargaining tool. " How much for that DVD player?, why, 3 water mellowns and 2 garlic bulbs."
Makes sense to me...
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