August 11th, 2003


I just had another scare, but bigger...

My dog is old. He's about 14 or so. Nobody knows, cause his delightful previous owners, when faced with taking care of an older dog,just opened up the door one day, and let him leave. I guess the prospect of veterinarian costs scared them.Collapse ) Oh, he does'nt know how lucky he is. If this had been during the day.....
So now I'm going to call the vet and see about removing the hornet threat.
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Schools back in sesson....sort of..

ok, its not "real" school, but there still is a lot of work involved, both the teaching and the learning part. I'm teaching the Morse Code on our club's VHF repeater. at 8pm and 11pm, Monday,Wednesday and Friday. For a whole 4 weeks. Yippee....
I'm doing this cause a lot of people seem to be actually interested in picking up this skill. It's kind of cool, in that its use is independant of communications equipment: you can use, cigarette smoke, lights, clicks ect. And people across the world know its language. The best part is, I have absolutetly no idea how many people are listening. Our repeater has a range for about the middle of Michigan, to almost half way into the middle of Lake Michigan( I had nothing to do with that blunder)
Pretty good day. I mowed all of my neighbors lawn before it rained, created and printed 100 business cards for an Fine Art's group, got my utility bills. Say, didn't I just pay them??? "It's not fair!".
oh well. Monday was a kick, and Cooly Fooly is on in about 26 minutes. yeah....Then I'm going to watch a nice Japanese movie I've been trying to watch for the last week: " Yi Yi" Seems to be pretty good.
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