July 25th, 2003

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Met my new dr. vs mowed the lawn.......

Well, if I had to pick, mowing the lawn was more fun. My New dr. is well, a dr. Yeah, thats it! Maybe I have a bad attitude ( probably), but I get the feeling that now days, 1. Insurance companies tell dr.s what to treat and 2. drug companies tell them what to treat it with!.
But like I say, its probably my poor attitude towards dr. ( I'll explain that later- too long...and scary).
decided to purchase adobe photoshop 7.0, after looking, reading other web persons opinions about it. and it didn't help to see that nice photoshop demo on techtv wednesday. it answered my questions that I've been asking for the last few years regarding making special effects on lettering, graphics, ect. But I'm really going to have to save my pennies for this one. ouch!
I think I got a bunch of folks upset with me over a comment I made about disney studios and Samuria Jack: I simply said it wasn't the best animation and might be a poor animation at that. ( oh boy, here it comes...)
I'm waiting...
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