July 17th, 2003

Geneshalf all anim

It arrived............

man , was I ever surprized when I saw how small a package Morrowind comes in. My Quake I and II are both big boxes and this game is just about the size of a DVD case. But, first things first. I have to back up my hard drive ( all 120 gigs of it) and then, QUIT HAVING IDIOTS LOAD PROGRAMS ONTO MY PC!!
#$%$# I can't believe what I'm seeing on my desktop. I don't need it. I don't want it. Why can't people ask before they download a program and install it on my pc. It makes for a great mess. oh well. I finished another icon. the greenfox imagine from Outlaw Star. Yeah.
ok, back to pondering.....
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Geneshalf all anim

This is cool.....

Go to Google.com and type in Weapons of mass destruction.
then click, I'm feeling lucky.
follow the links as you see them.
what a kick
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