July 12th, 2003

windows xp autumn

Wow, Best buy actually ran out of Morrowind....

Now that I can't believe! I mean, just about everytime I'd go into BB and look over there games, I'd see boxes of Morrowind. But the closes store is Lansing MI. Ah...nope. Not going to drive that far just for a game. I got all three Quakes from Amazon, Circuit city and Best Buy. No one store had all of them...
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So, time to check on the pooch and maybe get a snack or something.. enjoy the weekend.
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windows xp autumn

First of my new icons......

I thought I'd put a little thought into what icons I use for the next few months. I decided on my favorite animes. If I can, I'll animate them, but my programs really suck big time in making TITANIC size files. So, we'll see how it works out.
It's been a classic summer day. Bright, blue sky, kids playing in the pool (no, not mine, but my neightbors across the street) and just a nice, light breeze. Man, I wish I was into taking a nap..
Peace and Love to you all.
( didn't I say it was a beautiful day!)
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