June 6th, 2003

green plumkin

19 days till the summer equinox, and still, no summer

I can't believe the rotten weather we're having over here. 49 degrees tonight and 59 for a high. The only bright spot is that the Collapse ) well, I guess its' time I went beddy bye.. I just started watching " Another Heaven", a Japanese movie, and it's good!
I hope you all have great weekend.
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    Soundtrack from Thunderbird 6 movie
green plumkin

It sort of kind of like, maybe, if you use your imagination....

IT'S finally SPRING??????
Well, that is what it feels like. A nice, cozy, soft, piddle paddle of rain, spatting on the roof and sidewalks. hmmmmm. Everything is GREEN. Ah...my favorite color. Collapse )
Time to check out the newspaper. I hear Tony Blair is having a rough go of it at home. NOT FAIR!!! He may have been mislead, oodles.
Have good weekend. Get HUGGED!!!!
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    "Here comes the sun" George Harrison. Thank you GOD.