January 24th, 2003

windows xp autumn

It's Friday Night....Serial Experiment Lain. Yeah

Well, ok, that is over doing it. But just by a little. Lain is one weird anime. But it does hook you and quickly.
Otana is getting better, if she'd only NOT TRY CHEWING. thank you. I feel yuckie myself, but its not the flu. Something else that is zapping me. I'm not alone it would seem.
We just had the coldest week for this or last year. 2 degrees for a high?? YEAH! Winter is here, for sure.
now if only we would have a nice, blizzard.
I'll check and make a longer entry a little later. I have to pet the dog right now. I'm making his web site and he has some constructive criticism??? from a dog too.... Oh the horror
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