January 6th, 2003


So, here we are, staring another new years in the face...

Its snowing now, and I hear the plows outside, pushing the snow up against the driveways. If I play my cards right tomorrow, I can make maybe a buck or two. ( if I'm really lucky, maybe some cookies???- what ever happened to cooties??)
So much for the silliness. I got a two drawer filing cabinet. Just what I need. I have Data CD's all over the place, and I badly need a place to store them. Not to mention all the Collapse )
So, I guess I'll be somewhat busy, but I don't plan on letting my friends go and wait. Thats not very nice, even if it is across the ether net(?????)
Hey, I love you all dudes, and dudettes.
Now go out and tell that to somebody you love too.
I should have gotten into politics?
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    The contended sound of a Samoyed dog, snoring.