November 18th, 2002

windows xp autumn

What a mess!

Well, I knew this lets put documents and graphics any old place on my hard drive would catch up to me. It did. I ran Mcaufee antivirus tonight: I have 120239 files. hmmmm. The largest portion belongs to graphics. I scan everything. Now I guess I need to back up everything ( no small task there) and plan where I'm going to store stuff on my hard drive. Lets see.....where did I put those 24 gigs of photos?
I just watched Monsters inc. what a hoot.( or is it woot?) I wonder if Disney will come back into the animation business as a force, or a ripple?? Tomorrow I either rake leafs or play with this new puter. It works! Yeah! and after 7 months, my pooch, Frosty can hear! What a surprize!. I'm so glad even though the guy gets me to let him out about 3 times, after 1AM! yuck.
hmmmmmm. Life is good. only people some times suck!! ( is that wisdom???)
ok, back to sleep. I hear the kid snorting.
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