October 24th, 2002

windows xp autumn

My Dog and I both have "The Minor Aches and pains of..."

It's true. Poor Blaze can hardly stand up, his rear leg just shakes. I rub it and take him out doors, but my back is starting to act up too. Its this cool weather, followed by warm weather and then the deep freeze ( anything below 30' in October is the deep freeze)
So, he stays close to me, cause he thinks I can make the pain go away.I just keep petting him, cuddling him, if I can without him blushing. And we make do.
ok, back to the animations.
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    "a question of balance" Moody Blues
windows xp autumn

I'm so tired, but managed to vaccume the lawns anyway..

Oh gosh. I just scrubbed myself till I'm squeaky clean! I had dust in places where, ah.....never mind. lets just leave it that I had dust *all over my body*. I have been exercising Collapse )
If you were here, I'd invite you all. Just wait till I make my cabbage soup. hmmmmm
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    the crackling of leaves, as kids walk on them.