October 14th, 2002

Geneshalf all anim

Arggggg I hate feeling like this.....

I just read where a friends 3 week old puppy is gasping for breath. She lost 5 other puppies due to imature lungs. She only has this one left and the mom is ok ( the dog that is,she was deathly sick during her pg) Now the little guy is trying to stay alive. God that is awful, to see something so little want to stay alive, but looks like its losing the battle. Nothing can make you feel so helpless. ahhh.
Then I heard on the radio that some ass hole in the middle east is happy about all the people who were killed by this past weekends bomb blast.
I think I'll go and pet my rescue dog, blaze, who is feeling better. Its nice to know there is something in this world that appreciates, and needs love.
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