September 14th, 2002

windows xp autumn

drip, drip, drip.....yuck!

Yes, once again, the falling leaves of fall ( it's early here in Michigan) and spores, and yuckie alergies come back. Time for sore throats, running noses, and that awful drip drip of sinus gook in my throat. So, to celebrate, I decided to watch "Resident Evil". I want to watch it again, but I think I like it already. I think. For a Friday the 13th, it was ok. nothing special, except I got my very first DVD, VIY. A Russian horror movie from 1967. Should be good. Now if I only had a DVD player....( hint my birthday isn't that far away, and you promised you'd get me something special)
ok, now back to Spear of Destiny. Hey, I'm still waiting for my motherboard to arrive in CA.
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