August 27th, 2002

Geneshalf all anim

The Doctor told me "I'm fit as a fiddle, and look like one!"

Gee, I get no respect! Got weighted, and I lost A WHOLE 3 LBs. party time!.
I guess I thought with all the exercising I've been doing I should have started up my metabolism. Probably did, but not full speed like I want. My BP was 150/82 which is good, but something is getting my heart to increase ( the Dr. thinks its my one arthritis medicine, ) so we changed drugs. he gave me some new stuff I will look up later tonight. He also gave me $125.00 worth of samples of my expensive stuff, I can't affort to get. Wow. now, that was worth going to, just for that.
Got home and mowed my next door neighbors lawn, ( she is the only person I've met in my whole life that survived Lung Cancer- she is 75 years old) and then was going to take it easy, but, my school marm came home so I thought I should at least mow hers too.( I'm using her mower anyhow)
Wow. I had to stop three times, cause I was getting over heated. It was only 80degrees here, ( first day of school for many-saw my first Dragonball Z lunch box, yeah) but the humidity increased and it felt awful.
I almost got finished and will fix the rest later today while I mow ours. What I do for money.
I hope you all had "GREAT" day yourselves.
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