July 15th, 2002

windows xp autumn

"""WTF????"" According to what other people accomplished when they were at your age..

Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart had sex with a prostitute and was removed from the ministry.

Francis Chichester sailed around the world alone in a 53-foot boat normally manned by a crew of six.

OK, I guess I can see the direction I need to be taking, ? Right???? ( did you notice, they both were about taking trips around the world?)
ok, I'll let you think about that for awhile. Now I'm off ( for real) to read the rounds.
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    Fever " Peggy Lee" I died and went to heaven
windows xp autumn

He's been done more than a whole week, I miss him oddles...

I'm talking about "The Whos" bassist, John Entisle(sp). It just doesn't feel right. Thats his first Album's cover for this icon. "Smash your head against the wall". I think I said this before, I'm rambling, but I miss him. It's like George Harrison, you know Rock and Roll will never be the same. and it won't.
On a more practical side, I finished installing the last of the ram sticks today. Bestbuy had a special and I picked up on it. now my media machine has 512 megs of ram. yippie skippie.
Today I also get to call the refridgerator repair people and see if they can repair this piece of junk. $600. for 4 years worth of use????? Boy, did they ever see me coming. And how.
Where's President Jim when you need him????
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