July 1st, 2002

windows xp autumn

Happy July 1st. Yahoo,,,,Google???

Wow, I'm in a very silly mood. I actually looked over the PS-2. Finally, it came down 100. About time! Down in my basement, I have the very first cartridge type video game machine, a fairchild, I believe. Now those were the days. Why, do you ask, am I telling you all this? Cause I'm thinking about getting some early, and I do mean early Christmas presents for my bro and me: A dvd player, and a PS-2. I just took in my $279.00 S-VHS JVC, again, yet and this time, I'll nod my head when they tell me they aligned the heads again ( hasn't JVC gotten this part of mass assembly down pat yet?) and pick up this beauty and take it back home....to the closet.
Or.....I'll get a girlfriend??
life is full of choices..
you just have to know which ones you NEED,
and over look the others.
(Trust me, money is good for using, but thats all..Don't sweat over it)

I told you I was in a silly mood, didn't I?
Oh, the new "puter"?, it's sitting to the right of my feet. I think the CD-RW is dead and I simply do not have the money to replace it.But perhaps I can borrow one from my old, trusty machine, I'm on now. A AMD K-6 166 MHz with a whopping 64megs of sdram. Am I smoking or what. it still works too.
ok, I'm tired and sweaty. it's hot over here. 91 with oodles of humidity. yuck. I love walking around bathing in my own sweat, there's something romantic about it, I guess???
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