June 26th, 2002


I swear, I am going to make up my very own survey thingie..

Well, I'm now using my Brand New, only $650.00 over budget, computer. Yippie, skippie. Yahooo. How many idiots do you know that can spend $1356.00 on a computer that is only worth around $650.00. Yes sir. I can see my future right around the corner. I'll make "puters" and simply give them away. Now thats the ticket.
So...the facts mam....... one "who knows who it's parents are" computer case with 300watt PS. one ASUS A7N266 motherboard with built in nvidia ge2 video and Dolby 5.1 ( yes, they actually did that and why, I don't know)
one CD-Rom, one CD-R/W, 256 megs of DDR Sdims. one US Robotics 56.k modem, one 17inche Magitronics montior, one green keyboard and one logitech mouse. oh, one 3 1/2 inche floppy ( now thats one word that is cute-floppy) one 40 gig hd. cable that makes me sick, 4 fans, and one power cord.
hey, kids. I'm pretty stupid, huh? oopps, I forgot, one copy of Windows XP home edition, full version (oem)
enough of these maddening facts. THE real fact is you could go to best buy and buy a complete system of way less than half of what I have in this thing......BUT. I know how this puppy works. Thats the difference.
Now I will go and write a letter of apology to the person I almost got fired last week. (when was the last time you heard anybody say they were going to actually write a letter of apology? it's been a long, long time)
ok, be back .
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