June 6th, 2002

Familar face

So, perhaps I still can sit down and create a nice survey?

I've got a virus. Not on the computer, on my wrist. It first showed up this past Saturday. Yuck. It looked like a small cats claw marks, but it wasn't. it was the beginning of a "wart" . Oh god, my life as I know it, will end! freedom will end, republicans will make sense. Democrates will buy flashy cars, and my swiming buddy will have two girlfriends,perhaps sisters? and all because I've got 3 warts starting on my wrist. It's not fair. hmmm. wait a minute.
They swelled up a little, and feel like they're burning. They're also diminising in size. wow. I'm glad thats almost over.
now lets see......oh yes. Thursday I get to call my motherboard company and see if my burned out, no good, shouldn't even have left the counter, board, has arrived. If so,I can order my new one. yikppie skippie.
wow man, this new one, has doby 5.1, a gen force video core, a built in LAN and get this......it even has a button you can press to see how much you still owe on it.
WOW. I'm, like, impressed.
ok, I'm off. ( to bed that is. nighty night and please, turn off the lights)
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