May 19th, 2002


It still hangs...

Well good gosh. I've had this "computer" for 2 weeks, and it still hangs! Something is very wrong. It really shouldn't take 5 hours to load Windows XP home edition, should it? I shouldn't have to keep clicking on the retry button, cause the computer can't find the Windows CD? Hmmmm. this sounds like a speed or over clocking issue, and I don't over clock anything. I guess I'll call either or both Tyan and Aberdeen tomorrow and run up some more bills. I have to call the veterinarian cause Blaze's sinuses and ears are hurting bad. Gosh, I feel sorry for him. I hate seeing a animal suffer! Dam, thats why I got him in the first place. Nobody wants a 10 year old dog. "Oh, he'll just die within a few months/years". I wonder if anybody gave any thought to the mistreatment he's had for the last 10 years? Maybe he deserves to be spoiled for the remainder of his days. I gave him a piece of steak ( hell, if I can waste all this money on a stupid computer, I can over pay for food too!) and I don't think he's ever had it before. I helped him up onto my bed this morning, and I spent a few hours cuddling and petting the guy till he went to sleep. Of course my idiot friend (?) came over, for the 5th straight day, and made enought noise to wake Blaze. so much for quality time with the animal.
I'm babbling. Maybe I'll finish that questionnaire by answering with lyrics. sounds great to me.
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