May 17th, 2002

windows xp autumn

Ah, the sound of a snoring Samoyed!!

It's good to have another furball in the house. For that matter, sleeping on my bed right now. ah, I'm going to go to sleep next to him and give him a big warm pat and hug. This poor guy has a cracked tooth ( ouch!!) and a sinus problem, which has the vet and me very concerned. Something is closing the sinus canal. But, we're getting into a nice routine around here: feed him, let him go outside, let him take a nap, feed him again, another nap and then the walk followed by diner??? Dam, I want to be a dog. If you don't know what a samoyed is like,
That is my dogs web site. I don't have Blaze up there yet, due to how to design the next site. I've already made up the animation, which took 23 years to complete! ( Ok, ok. about 2 hours, it just felt like 23 years) I gave my copy of Frontpage 2000 away. I have not used it since I got it 2 years ago. nuts. Publisher 2000 does everything I want and more, for about $50 bucks less.
I finally convinced my neighbor lady to let me mow her lawn. She is a 3rd grade teacher and has a nasty parasite doing nasty things to her. I mowed her lawn twice this month, just to be nice. ( oh brother: my bro had to help me cause it was over 9 inches high). Tomorrow I'll mow it again. I almost have enough money to get trigun. I hope it is worth it. Thats a lot of money
Oh, mister computer is starting to settle down and work right. He better, I've had to activate Windows Xp 4 times already.
great system!.
enough. I hear a dogs snoring calling me. Have great weekend.
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