April 12th, 2002

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After 12 years, I get the stupid flu....."Its not fair!"

Here i am, minding my own business, when pop!, I get a high fever. Gosh, don't you just hate that! I mean, I didn't feel like reading, listening to music, or even watching TV. So, I popped an aspirin and presto " through the miracles of modern Pharmaceutical research, the fever left". Yeah. well, till I tried to go to asleep at 4AM. I then started tossing and turning, my brother thought I had company. Don't I wish! Finally, at about 5AM, I went to never never land. I woke up at 3:40PM! The sheets were wet from me sweating. Why am I tell you all this?? Disgusting, isn't it? Because my life is full of contradictions right now. This weekend should be a very happy time, I go and get my new doggie, a Samoyed. A 10 year old gentleman who was thrown away, cause he is too old! Today, Thursday, what I thought was my best friend, stabbed me in the back good. ah...... I wish they had a pill to take to get rid of or change the behavior of people like that. I'm also sick, but so what? I used to like sick down time: you got to stay home from school and were pampered and got to watch TV, ( back then, when the dinosaurs roamed the planet, Ruff and Ready were the cartoons to watch). ah.....and Gramma would always baby you till you really did get sick or sicker. But now I'm on my own. I must do all my pampering, and allowing myself to watch TV. ( Strange, I hate adult rated TV shows and movies- give me anime anytime).
ok, I've bent your eyes enough for one night. thanks for reading me.
XXOOXX ( I got this from reading Lovebug)
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