February 16th, 2002


A great Saturday Night

Just got back from an awards banquet. I was sweating bullets for awhile. I thought my friends were pulling a fast one on me and I was going to get the award myself. Thanks be.....Another, more worthy individual received it! My friends think its cool to do stuff like that, I mean nominate me for an award, when in fact, I like doing all this stuff just cause I like doing for others. Saved by the bell... This banquet place was your typical banquet room: food laying on the floor, some of the food's been there since we had that 40 day rain spell!!! Yikes!! But, it was the company I was keeping that was so great. I also got a call about another Samoyed Dog. Blaze. a nice 10 year old male. Yipee!!! I'm crossing my fingers on this one.
So now all of you, have a great Saturday night.
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