November 18th, 2001

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A sad, quiet day....
A friend of mine lost her dog today. She layed down to sleep, and never got up. It was a quiet, hopefully, not painful way for the dog to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I started remembering my pal dog, Keiko, should have been called Scooter. a word full of hate, lies, hurt and disinterest, a good warm wet nose is just the ticket to brighten up ones view of life and this big old world.
My music CD's finally arrived. 7 in all. all female vocalists from the world war 2 era.
Wow, could they ever sing. Backstreet boys, stay in the alley, please.......
Oh, my new drug reacted on me again, just like the last one. I see that Dr. this coming Wednesday. No bus this time. Taxi all the way. Nuts! There goes $14.00 out the window. nuts.
Well, I hope your all feeling better and I hope all you in Texas are ok.
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    Jo Staffered " I'll Be Seeing you"