November 15th, 2001


Yea!, its the middle of the week....

Oh, gee. I just got scared good by Yogi my samoyed dog. He's got arthritis real bad in his hips, and I just hear him make a weird noise: he was trying to get comfortable, thats all. But I thought, just maybe he had hurt himself or he was having an attack...
I have to see my really expensive, probably overly rated, rheumatologist. Yea! Maybe, just maybe, he can account for all this crap with my high blood pressure and the heart things. Now all I have to do is find a way to get there. Not being able, or should I say not willing to drive is the pits. But, its better than having an accident. I get to clean my room and throw away "a few" things. Like oh, lets say 2 tons of crap that not even the junk man would take if he had any sense. A friend (?) saw a students desk sitting by the curb, and thought I might be able to use it for my printers. I've got three, HP Laserjet, HP Laserjest IIP and a HP Deskjet 694C ink jet. I guess I like HP, right?? Well, so far, one is mine and the other 2 are the clubs. whoppie! I guess I'll be giving them back to the club yet this year.
Oh well. I just finished pulling the tab on Gundam 0080. Pretty good.
I guess I should read others and put this up. I feel sad right now.
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