November 7th, 2001

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Got to love Gundam 0082

Just finished watching my second show:It's amazing how both 08th and 0082 are so much more developed than Gundam Wing is. They both have more interesting story lines and oodles of characters. interesting, the villains seem to be based on human traits rather than political, membership. The Gundams are great too: they actually break and require maintenance.
But enough about the mechanical war toys. I managed to mow and mulch the last of this seasons leaves, for both my neighbor and myself. Yeah... Now bring on the snow.
I saw the Dr. Monday afternoon. He was scared after I told him about the reaction I had to the new blood pressure medicine. Now how in hell am I supposed to have confidence in getting drugs from him again? But I did. This is really different, so maybe it'll be ok. I hope. I old college buddy stopped over tonight. He is doing drawings now and I'm helping him set up a web page or business page thing. I am planing on making a CD video of his art so he can show it off to prospective customers. I wish him well. Well, time to make other live journal icons and sleep and dream of unicorns. or purple dolphins.
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