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October 23rd, 2001

Another visit to the Dr.s....
gee, I'm really glad I got to spend $25.00 for cab fares just to be told that
1. Your Fat. ( I just weighted in at 291lbs and that's after I got on the diet!) I gained this weight after I quit smoking: Now I'm healthy again!
2. I've got High Blood pressure. 140/94
3.My sinuses are running faster than the thunderstorms rain, which is coming down licketty split.
I slept like crap. I dozed on and off most of the night, and that drove mister arthritis right up the wall for the rest of the day.
So now I'm on a new decongestant and new high blood pressure pills. Whoppie!
I called the cab and just as he pulled up, my friend pulled up too. This is one of my pals who may cause my blood pressure to go up. maybe. So he walks in to get coffee while I get into the cab.
Over 2 hours later, I get home with a shopping bag half full of trial medicines. That is the great part. The drugs didn't cost me anything. I really have saved over $150.00 per month. Now I know I'm getting old.
I called one of my old lady friends tonight to inquire if I was put on the same drug as her husband. Wow, how people can change over time. It's almost as if I didn't know her. She was really rude, almost as if calling me stupid. ?????? I hate it when adults play games with people: they always end up hurting each other.
So, I decided to celebrate by mowing both my lawn and my neighbors: what a swell guy I am..( more like knuckle head)
Well, time to pet Yogi the dog, he is scared by all the thunder and lightening we're having now.

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