October 3rd, 2001

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Big bank 0...Little kid 1
This has been a most interesting day. I decided I wasn't going to let any big, mean, nasty bank roll over me, just cause they're, " A Huge, Big, Very Large bank whose only
fame is , taking over other banks. This all started yesterday, ( Thats Monday) when I tried to find out how much I had left in my checking account. Presto, at the speed of light, "The BIg, very BIG bank" lost my social security number! I thought No big deal with the "The BIg, Very BIg Bank", and had the call transfered to customer service. I was trying to access my account using the telephone, since " The Big, oh...nuts, The Bank!, took over the small bank and I can't use Microsoft Money. yuck.
The customer service gal said I didn't have a SSN listed. I said, well, okay dokay, why don't you simply enter my number and everything will be back to normal.
Ha ha ha ha .." What a fool I can become, huh?"
Nope, I have to fill out a W-9 form at the bank. Ok I said, I'll do it.
The short version: I stood in line for 12 minutes to find out the bank manager has to fill out the form. I took a chair, but they made me put it back. ( I couldn't resist that, I think everybody should be able to laugh at every bad thing that happens to them. Well, to a point that is. Really bad and sad things are different)
So, the mangaer entered my number and I was through within 2 minutes. It took that long for her mouse to travel across the screen.
I then went and got my second hair cut of the year. I actually had to wait there too.
but this time, two little boys were geting Navy Seal type hair cuts. translation: almost a shaved head. The oldest boy was through with his hair cut and was starting to realise that he couldn't undo his choice. I could see the tears start to fall as I sat in the chair and told the barber I wanted a hair style just like that little boys! Wow, his eyes brightened and his mom was relieved. I really did n't care cause short is ok, long is better, but barbers can't add hair. ( he promised to put in a purple stripe in my hair next time!).
Some times, just the simple adjustments in life, even getting something that one doesn't want can make a difference. "Great day".
Now, back to candy.
Remember Ricky's Rangers to eat from the 3 basic food groups each day!. 1. M & M's. 2. Potatoe chips and 3. cookies or candy.
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